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The Apothecary page

The Apothecary page

Faux apothecary bottles

This is the listing of all our faux Ingredients, put forth in a period pamphlet with what they contained and what they were xpected to help cure.
20 page period pamphlet.......$7.00
  A nice addition to your presentation.

These are faux apothecary bottles , corked and wax sealed in period colors of red, blue, and green...sorry, no choice of colors. The labels are of period ingredients as well as some medicines. They measure about 4 1/2 tall and 2 1/4 diameter.
 A really interesting addition to a medical display. They are empty.
Faux bottles...$15.00 each

Pilula Hydrargyris
  Called the Blue Mass, contained mercury, cinnamon, opium, ammonia, sasparilla powder, licorice, honey, and more. Rolled into bread balls the size of peppercorns,and used to treat syphilis and constipation.The original little blue pill.

Unguentum Armariun
  a liniment made from moss grown on human skulls. Used to aid in wound healing, and nose bleeds.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  Licorice root, 50 times sweeter than sugar. Used as a cough remedy,for relief of acid reflux,heartburn,ulcers. An anti inflammatory, relieves irritation.but is poisonous if taken in large doses.

Craneo Humano, or Usnea
   Moss grown on the skull of an enemy. "The periwig of a dead cranium "
Deemed the most powerful moss. Used to help with infections, and nosebleeds

Powdered Mummy, or Mummia, or Vera Aegyptiaca
  Ground up mummies used as a wellness supplement,and to tread epilepsy and arthritis.Also in wound treatment.
Available until the mid 1920's.

Flake White
  Used as a paint pigment and a makeup foundation.

Oleum Florum Slotans
  A salve made with a blend of human and frog fat. Used in wound care.

Auxngia Hominis
  A cream used for drawing out tumors. Made from goose and human fat.

Axungia Canis
 also Oleum Catellorum, or Pinguedo Canis,or Huile de Petits Chiens,
Oil of Puppy.The best came from 8 week old puppies. A cream used ti treat sciatica, nerve pain, paralysis, or any muscle or joint pain.

Acorn Caps
  Added to pills to stop fluxes, diarrhea. Or disentary.

  Powdered and used as a laxitive.

Mandragora Officinarum
  A soporific, induces sleep. Contains scopolamine, atropine. Used as an anesthetic and to induce hallucinations. A poison.

Tears of Arabia
  Droplets of sap from the arabica tree. Used to thicken medicines as well as a glue.Mixed with egg whites it helps with burns. Called Gum Arabic today.

Sugar of Saturn
  A sweet white powder that forms on lead, a toxic poison. Used to sweeten wine since ancient times.

Unguentum Nervinum Schmidii
  A salve for nerve and joint pain. Made from a blend of dog, horse, and human fat.

Black Draught
  A pill made from senna and mercury. Used as a laxitive.

The Kings Drops
  A powder made from moss covered skulls mixed with wine or chocolate. Used to treat epilepsy, and regain vitality .

Earthworm Powder
  Still sold today, this protein rich powder is used as an aid to digestion, and aid with eczema.

White Dog Turd
  Greek White, used to treat a sore throat. It forms from dogs diet too rich in calcium.

Oil of Earthworm, or Lumbricor
A diuretic, used to fight infection in gunshot wounds. Still available today.

 Cocaine in alcohol. Used as a pain reliever, and sleeping aid. Contains morphine and is constipating.

Ether, or Oleum Vitriolic Dulce
  Sulferic acid distilled with spirits of wine. Used as an anesthetic.Ether frolics we're the rage in the USA in the 1920's.

Suppositories, or Pessary.
  Used to help with constipation, or hemorrhoids. Earliest mention is 2000BC.

Paraffinim Liquidum
  Earth oil, mineral oil, Rarely found in nature, used as a skin protector, and wound healer. Also used in cosmetics.

Powdered Skull
  Any human bones, ground up and used as a remedy for neurological disorders and seizures. Sold as recently as 1909.

  worth 10 times the price of gold.Used as an antidote for poisons..Hard lumps of undigested food found in animal intestines. Worn as jewelry, in pills, powders, and potions to aid with leprosey,, measles, and cholera. Basically a hair all.

Cinnamon Bark
  an aid to digestion that also resists poison. In ointments it takes away red pimples.

Pine Husks
  Stops fluxes, helps the lungs, is anti fungal, and anti inflammatory,helps with ulcers and gastritis. An ingredient in pine syrup, and pine honey.

Mouse Droppings
  Used as a cure for intestinal worms.

Acetum Rosatum
  Rose vinegar. AIDS the stomach and liver against agues, fevers, and palsie.

Liver of Hedgehog
  mixed with wine to aid with convulsions, dropsie, and fluxes of the bowels.

Salted Owl and Boar Fat
  THE remedy for the gout.

Cannabis Sativa
  an analgesic and anti convulsant as well as an appetite stimulant.

Atropa Belladonna
  From the deadly nightshade family. Used as a cosmetic to brighten and dialate a ladies eyes.Over use an lead to blindness...a poison. The name means pretty lady.

  Stale urine was used as ammonia for cleaning, for shampooing, as a face cream, and a beer additive. Dried as saltpeter, it was a meat preservative, and an ingredient in gunpowder. Mixed with wood ashes to treat diaper rash.

Tonic of Sperage
  Asparagus boiled in white wine to promote the flow of urine.

Mercury, or Quicksilver,or Hydrargyrum
  used as a treatment for syphilis, a laxitive, a topical antiseptic,and an ingredi in many medicines 

Salts of Hoglice
  A blood sucking louse found in pond water and on hogs. Dried and powdered used to treat edema, a diuretic

  Water and vinegar used to clean and dress wounds.

  Spirits if turpentine, used to clean and dress wounds.


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