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GOOSE BAY WORKSHOPS: Museum Reproduction Tin, Brass, Copper Cookware, Hearth Cooking, 18th Century Lighting, Folk Art, Reenacting, Renaissance.
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Goose Bay Workshops LLC

Our porridge pot, only about 4 inches across the top, along with the 6 hammers...some homemade , needed to get it into shape. It is hammered from the inside (!) and requires 5 annealings and just about 3 days work, finishing and cleaning included. 
  Thought you might like to see it.

I am a bespoke coppersmith..I build items as I get orders. One man, one item at a time. I usually have about a 3 month backlog, so plan accordingly. My work is at the technological level of about 1745 or so.Made with a hammer and a file, and the work shows that.


Paper wrapped pencils , on the writing page

A Momento mori, on our jewelry page

On the writing page..Elizabethan cord wrapped wadd pencil

New item on the writing page..a. Plummet

On the misc. page..a prayer

In the apothecary shop

A NEW PAGE, the apothecary shop

On the medical page

On the medical items page

Medicinal items page

On the writing page

Sealing Wafers and a penner, on the writing page

A mid 18 th century Bougie box..on the writing page

Goose Bay Workshops LLC

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