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GOOSE BAY WORKSHOPS: Museum Reproduction Tin, Brass, Copper Cookware, Hearth Cooking, 18th Century Lighting, Folk Art, Reenacting, Renaissance.
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Boxes, Barrels and Containers
Cups and Canteens
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and Spirits
Cooking and Baking Utensils
Funnels, Basins, and Pails
Gaming and Toys
Jewelry and Clothing Accessories
Native American
Reproduction Native American early contact and colonial items, pipes and jewelry.
Making Fire - Footwarmers and Braziers
Medical Items
Pots and Kettles
Sewing Items
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Goose Bay Workshops LLC   ~  (302) 337 - 8285

No orders can be shipped without payment in full, unless prior terms agreed to. Thank you

Jon Townsend interviews Peter Goebel

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Birch oil extractor ..on the coffee tea chocolate and spirits page

Wax crayons on the writing page

Lead ladles are back, above. Find them under Militaria.

On the medical items page

Goose Bay Workshops LLC

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